Quartz India website says Bloco Bollywood helps to link Brazilian and Indian culture

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Bloco Bollywood 2017

The story published by Quartz India in October 13, 2017, is about games, and how a Brazillian advertising planner that moved to Mumbai for work in 2011 developed passion for Bollywood films. In 2011 he watched Desi Boyz (a romantic comedy) and felt in love with Indians musicals movies. Then, he decided to pay homage to Indian cinema with a card game that features all the iconic elements of a typical Hindi film—a hero and heroine, villains and vamps, sudden plot twists, and the song and dance sequences. In “The Bollywood Game,” which is designed to unfold like a Bollywood movie, players compete to achieve a happy ending, scoring points through “song” cards, fighting against crime lords, vamps, or aunties.

The article says Bloco Bollywood is group that participates at the iconic Brazillian Carnival, inviting locals dressed in kurtas and saris to dance on the streets to the tunes of Bollywood hits such as Sheila ki Jawani.

The reportage says that the interest in Bollywood and Indian culture and traditions has been slowly growing in Brazil, thanks in part to a 2009 soap opera set in Jaipur that became a sensation in the South American nation. Starring a cast of Brazillian actors who danced to Bollywood numbers and even spoke a few phrases of Hindi, the Emmy Award-winning show, titled Caminho das Índias (known in English as India: A Love Story), told the story of an inter-caste romance and drew an audience of around  30 million viewers in Brazil.

Since then, tourism to India from Brazil has been on the rise. Data from India’s ministry of tourism shows that 21,289 Brazillian tourists arrived in the country in 2016, up 84% from 2008.

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