When Indians took to the carnival in São Paulo, shows Indian channel NDTV

Foto: Vijay Bavaskar

Bloco Bollywood 2017

The Brazilian Carnival is a time of celebration – of dancing, music and colourful costumes, when the entire country is in a mood of revelry. Painted faces and festive costumes dominate the scene before the Christian fasting period of Lent begins. Official parades, meant to be watched by the public, are organized, while small parades, known as ‘blocos’ allow public participation too. One such bloco, known as Bloco Bollywood, is organized by the Indian community in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Much like Bollywood, the Carnival in Brazil is a celebration of colours and music. According to Bloco Bollywood’s Facebook page, “Bloco Bollywood is the fusion of these two popular trends. It’s the annual event in the time of carnival, when the Indian community takes to the streets to dance to Bollywood songs and bhangra drum beats. It’s an event that invites the Brazilians to experience India in the heart of Sao Paulo. It’s all sharing songs, dances, music, friendship, and above all, happiness — the key purpose of the Carnival.”

And happiness indeed is what you will experience when you watch these videos of Bollywood-style dancing and bhangra at the Brazilian Carnival. The seamless fusion of two different cultures, with Brazilian drummers playing samba and people dancing to the tunes of ‘Nagada sang dhol’, makes for a must-watch.

“Indian block with Brazilian Seasoning is pure khushi,” reads the caption on one of the videos, and it captures the mood perfectly.

See the NDTV report and Watch the video here

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